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Well, really, I am a limitless consciousness whos lived many lives but that's not why you've come here.

In 2017, I became an Occupational Therapist. I started working in various settings; home health, skilled nursing, acute care, long term acute care, basically all but pediatrics. A year later, I knew there was something missing, I couldn't pin point it but I just knew. I went to a metaphysical shop to get my tarot cards read. After receiving some messages from my spirit guides, I picked up a book on Ayurveda in the shop, it just called to me.

About 2 weeks later, I am on a plane with a 1 way ticket to Bali. That's where my metaphorphsis began. I spent over a year traveling through Southeast Asia and Australia learning yoga and more about Ayurveda. I began to spend my life learning every single day, not knowing where the next step would land me, having no plan but an adventurous spirit and meeting beautiful people along the way. I landed in the middle of the jungle in Hawaii where I worked as a Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Chef. Without getting into too much detail, this is where I experienced what it was like to be near death.

Before then, I was trying to manifest all these things.  I wanted to be a big Yoga Ayurveda star with a badass husband making lots of money traveling the world. Everyone had always told me "you're a big light, you need to protect yourself" "you're a psychic from the elf fairy land" "I love your energy." When I heard this, I used to silently mutter to myself "that's what an energy vampire would say" but on May 31st 2019, I experienced it for myself. 

I learned that I am one strong spirit. Everything in life is choice. Manifestation is easy. There are bigger plans for me than what my wants and desires are trying to manifest. This life is meant to be enjoyed. It is a blessing to be in a body. I am grateful for my ego, this character I have to experience this world and to have this world experience me. I don't need to protect my light, I have thick panther like skin. Every day is the best day of my life, how could it not be? Its the only day I have. 

This has since been engrained in me. I have embodied it. I honor my body everyday with Ayurveda practices, live with a yoga mentality and feed my soul while I am having a blast creating. In yoga, there is a difference between a Guru and an Acharya. Its hard for a guru to help you because they were born with their wisdom. An acharya has been where you have been and knows what it takes to progress forward. They are just a few steps ahead of you. An acharya is your guide. I am your Ayurveda Acharya. 

  • Health care prevention and education of the ayurvedic system.

  • Assess body and mind constitution.

  • Design care to reduce and reverse imbalances by recommending diet and lifestyle practices.

  • Provide herbal formulas to aide in strengthening digestion and reducing toxins.

  • Give practices that support the healthy removal of waste products: Poop, pee and sweat ;)

  • Give practices that support the immune system, sleep, skin and lymphatic health.

  • Give practices that support balanced mental health.

  • Teach people how to create mind, body and spiritual health throughout the course of their lifetime

Image by Jared Rice

When I was living in California, I started to feel constantly scattered, dry skin with breakouts, bloated and uncomfortable all the time, indigestion and crampy. I was eating out at restaurants more than normal and my vegetarian self thought maybe these symptoms were due to eating too much dairy. So, I decided to become vegan...

I was a vata (unknowingly at the time) living in a vata environment (California), working a vata job (a travel Occupational Therapist) and now eating vata foods as a new vegan. Great. Cool cool cool cool cool...

Needless to say, my symptoms didn't get better, they got worse. I was also having incoming psychic abilities at the time that I didn't know how to handle. My job as an travel Occupational Therapist, my physical dis-harmony and these new abilities were not only overwhelming they also didn't align at the time, at all. 

I went to a metaphysical shop to get my cards read, I was looking for some spiritual answers to what I was experiencing. I also wanted some validation as a new psychic. I knew western medicine would say that I was crazy, refer me to a psychologist and give me a bunch of pills for my digestive ailments that would inevitably cause a slew of other side-effects. I got the validation that I needed and then some. 

After getting my cards read, I saw a book on Ayurveda in the check out line. It called to me, so I bought it. I started reading about a kitchari cleanse and decided to do one. The cleanse was only 3 days and I could eat during the cleanse so I thought "screw it why not?" By the 3rd day, all of my digestive issues were wiped clean. I was also pleasantly surprised by how clear and content my mind was. My skin was glowing compared to the dry, lifeless, colorless skin it was before. 

Now, I no longer eat a strictly vegan diet. I eat for my dosha and seasonally. I live an Ayurvedic lifestyle to keep me grounded when my abilities are pulling me like a giant vacuum to the other side or when other entities try to scare me (those are stories for another day). I am now more comfortable and confident in my spirit and my material body. I can intuitively know when my body needs a little more earth or a little more water.

I have traveled, experienced a lot, loved a lot, and lived a lot of lives even in this lifetime. I am by no means done. Everyday is an adventure. I continue to grow and learn with my abilities, quantum physics, the power of consciousness and my body continues to be my beautiful meat suit that I am constantly in relationship with on this earth.


If any of this sounds like you, reach out. Let's talk about it. Sign up for a free discovery call. No price, no ulterior motive just me, you and our truths.